Sandown Display

Date: 02nd October 2015| Category: General
 Hi all,
The Silver Fox was asked to be put on display out at Sandown on Friday.
CAMS had an event similar to a Motor Khana aimed at the younger 12 to 18 age group. There were 2 other displays there one being go carts and the other a formula V. They had the kids learning a few things in the cars out on the track and then were doing some tighter work in the car park between all the orange cones. Unfortunately this part was called off by Sandown as there were tyre marks being left on the carpark and this was not acceptable to Sandown so this drew all the people away from the displays. We managed to get to talk to a few people about our wonderful sport and gave them a flyer with VORRA's  Face book and web site addresses on it along with a few others so they could watch some footage.A great idea by CAMS just fell a little short on the execution and communication. Lunch was provided and was very nice. 
Author: Kerrie Price
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